At the Decorative Concrete Experts, we get very busy this time of year and are often asked if we can complete a job before a major holiday.  The call volume goes up a week before Spring Break, Easter, and Memorial Day.  The problem is that we are generally scheduled out for two to three weeks. Additionally, some pool decks take almost a week to complete.  With just about every service that we offer excluding a simple repaint, the deck needs to cure for as much as five to seven days before heavy use.  We stay very busy because we do great work at a fair price.  If you do have a tight deadline, we will do our best to complete the pool deck in the time alotted, but we can do a better job and work with less stress by scheduling the work well in advance.  Don’t get stuck with a contractor that isn’t busy for good reasons.  With that said, we have a crew out today on a pool deck repaint that was signed yesterday so that the customer has the area ready for an Easter party next weekend.