Here at the Decorative Concrete Experts, we specialize in installing, replacing, resurfacing, and maintaining concrete and concrete products.  Pavers are extremely popular in Central Florida and a large percentage of new driveways and pool decks use this surface.  Like any concrete exposed to the elements, pavers will wear and fade significantly over time.  Periodically as part of your normal home maintenance, you should thoroughly clean and seal your pavers.  Paver sealing is not for the average do-it-yourselfer.  The steps are not very complicated and everything looks pretty easy to do but there are some pretty common mistakes that can ruin the look of your pavers.  There are a few very common issues that we come across.  White hazing is fairly common and sometimes cannot be corrected.  Another issue that we run into a lot is peeling and flaking of the existing sealer.  This is another issue that we sometimes can’t correct depending on if a non-compatible product was incorrectly selected.

The Decorative Concrete Experts of Orlando use only the best non-yellowing sealers that will bring back the original color of the pavers and protect them for years to come.  This driveway below was fading pretty badly and we were able to bring it back to new condition with our top of the line sealer designed for professional installers that you will not find at your local Lowes or Home Depot.  We serve the greater Orlando area and would love to help with all of your pool deck and driveway paver sealing needs.  Call the Decorative Concrete Experts today at 407-342-8552.

Paver sealing in Orlando

Transforming a paver driveway in Windemere