Hands down our most popular overlay surface here in Orlando and Central Florida is the classic spray texture overlay.  The spray texture overlay is a classic and cost-effective option for resurfacing your pool deck, patio, driveway, or lanai.  However, we get many calls a day wondering what other options are available for overlays and our product, StoneCrete, is a great option!  StoneCrete is a hand troweled overlay surface that isn’t as commonly seen on new pool deck construction.  This product has the look of natural stone and is able to be customized with color to your preference.  In addition, this is a great product for remodel work on your older surface. While the cost is bit higher than the classic acrylic spray texture, the end result is a beautiful and unique concrete overlay surface.

We serve the greater Orlando area and would love to help with all of your pool deck resurfacing needs.  Call the Decorative Concrete Experts today at 407-342-8552.  The photos below show the different steps of how we apply our StoneCrete overlay to your pool deck or patio.  Check out more photos of StoneCrete on our website at this link http://decorativeconcreteexperts.net/stonecrete-gallery/