As a decorative concrete contractor, I have the opportunity to look at a vast number of pool decks both in plans and in person for remodeling consultations.  It is a rare occasion for me to see a pool deck that grabs my attention and makes me want to take a picture so that I can borrow an idea or design.  For the most part, pool decks in Orlando, Gainesville, and Ocala are extremely similar in layout and deck surfacing.  I would say that most of the pool decks are rectangular in shape and have either a plain acrylic texture coating or pavers installed.  There are some features that builders add to make the design visually appealing.  Some of these features are landscape beds integrated into the deck and free form pools that take a custom shape.  There are a lot of options that can give you a one of a kind pool deck and a back yard oasis that will make people notice.

The first step is finding a concrete contractor and/or pool builder that welcomes custom work.  Many pool builders are caught in the trap of selling the same set of plans over and over.  If you are building a high end home and are having the pool done a the same time, it can be extremely beneficial to involve your architect in your pool planning.  Having a one of a kind pool deck doesn’t have to be extremely expensive.  Find a pool contractor that is open to working with a decorative concrete contractor that specializes in more than just basic textures.

At the Decorative Concrete Experts we offer a range of products including acrylic textures, stamped concrete, and a hand troweled StoneCrete surface.  The acrylic texture is the most popular type of pool deck surface currently used in central Florida.  Many people still call these acrylic textures Kool Deck.  Today there are many patterns available to give the deck a unique look.  You can visit our decorative acrylic texture page to view some examples of my work.

Stamped concrete is almost non-existent in the Orlando residential pool deck market.  This surface has become hugely popular in California, Texas, and Las Vegas, yet it is rarely used on residential properties in central Florida.  Simply installing a stamped concrete surface that coordinates with your home will give you the most unique pool deck in your neighborhood.  Stamped concrete is a hard product to install and many builders stay away from it because they’ve had a bad experience with someone that didn’t know what they were doing.  Click here to see some pictures of our stamped concrete installations.  We have the experience and take the time necessary to ensure that you have the best looking stamped concrete available on your pool deck.

Our hand troweled StoneCrete overlay is another surface that isn’t commonly seen on new pool deck construction.  This product has the look of natural stone at an affordable price point between acrylic texture and stamped concrete.  In addition, this is a great product for remodel work on your older surface.  StoneCrete is much easier to work around obstacles than stamped concrete overlays.

If you’re not sure what you are looking for and would like some professional help, contact the Decorative Concrete Experts of Orlando at 407-342-8552.  By simply printing out a few pictures that you come across and collecting some color samples that you like, we can work with you to conceive a design that will be truly one of a kind.