On an almost daily basis I take calls from customers that are looking to hide cracks, patch problem areas and freshen up their pool decks.  This pool deck in Orlando needed some patching done on the patio area.  The customers were also looking to update the deck with a softer white that would give the deck a “warmer” feel.  Below is the pool deck shortly after beginning work.

I commonly find where the deck texture is flaking away due to poor preparation when the product was originally applied.  This particular pool deck had about a one square foot area on the patio where the texture was flaking up.  During the initial visit I found almost ten square feet of hollow spots by dragging a hammer along the surface and listening for sound variations.  In the area that was flaking, it was clear that the original installer went directly over an existing carpet glue that is commonly seen on patios after removing outdoor carpet.  The best course of action in this scenario is to scarify the entire affected area and re-texture it, but the homeowner chose to just target the problem areas and handle the project on a budget.  We started by removing the areas where texture was hollow as you can see below.

As I mentioned above, there is no guarantee that the surrounding areas that are adhered now will still be adhered three to five years from now.  The customers were made aware of this and chose to just address the current problem areas.  These jobs are where it pays to have an experienced deck crew handle the job.  We were able to match the texture to where our patch blends seamlessly into the deck area.

This project is an excellent example of a job with some serious issues that can be made to look like new in one working day.

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