Then maybe it is time to resurface or remodel! Cracks in your concrete pool decks and patios are inevitable unfortunately here in Central Florida. Here at Decorative Concrete Experts, we know how much this can bother you as the homeowner, when all you see instead of a beautiful pool deck, are the cracks in the concrete. These cracks, will always be there and will remain visible, regardless of what methods of repair are applied. However, we have a method we use that helps to conceal those cracks much better than just painting over them. We call it our “random stone pattern”. With this method, we use the lines of the cracks in your deck to create a pattern and use the cracks as the grout lines. The cracks will still be there but they will be far less noticeable than before. In order to do this method, we must remove the old surface of your pool deck, patio, driveway or lanai. Then, we resurface the area with our spray texture overlay and last cut in the areas to create the random stone pattern.

Check out these photos below of our spray texture overlay with random stone pattern!

If you are interested in remodeling or resurfacing your pool deck, patio, or lanai or want more information on our Spray Texture Services call one of our experts in Orlando at 407-342-8552.