"Thank you to Jimmy & the Decorative Concrete Expert team. We were looking for a solution for our patio that was both classy and functional. I can't thank you enough!" -Teresa N.
“Thank you to Jimmy & the Decorative Concrete Expert team. We were looking for a solution for our patio that was both classy and functional. I can’t thank you enough!” -Teresa N.
"Thank you ever so much for doing such a beautiful, professional job. Our patio acrylic floor covering and slab is exactly what we were hoping it would be! We are thrilled!" -Lois & Den
“Thank you ever so much for doing such a beautiful, professional job. Our patio acrylic floor covering and slab is exactly what we were hoping it would be! We are thrilled!” -Lois & Den

Now is the time to paint that ugly pool deck

The off season is the best time to get your pool deck into shape.  I offer an affordable package to update your pool area that covers most of the common problems that we see with older surfaces.

Your deck will be a great candidate for an inexpensive update as long as there are no hollow spots or multiple areas where the surface is flaking up.  Identifying hollow spots can be easily done with a hammer by simply dragging the smooth face along the deck and listening for sound variations.  If hollow areas are present, they will always get worse over time and I don’t recommend spending the money to clean and repaint a surface with these issues.  You can contact me to discuss courses of action if your experiencing hollow spots and/or flaking.  Click here for our spray texture page regarding pool deck resurfacing.

Pool deck repaints are very routine for us and customers can almost always be given an accurate estimate over the phone.  For this type of work we generally only do in person price quotations for very large residential pools and commercial projects.  To get the most accurate estimate you will need to provide the size of the area in square feet, details about the condition of the surface, and job site conditions such as steps, screen enclosures, and prevalence of cracks in the deck.  With this information I can give a very accurate estimate on the cost of the job.  Click here for more information on painting your pool deck.  The Orlando Sentinel also has an informative article on painting your pool deck.

If you decide that the estimate for the proposed work sounds fair, I will schedule a date for the job to get completed.  On that date I will personally meet with you to walk over the deck and take note of any imperfections and issues that need to be addressed.  I will also confirm measurements on the deck and write up a detailed contract before any work takes place.  The crew starts by thoroughly cleaning the surface with a commercial duty pressure washer to ensure that any contaminants that may affect how the new coating adheres are removed.  Next, any areas that are chipped or damaged can be repaired and blended into the deck.  Cracks are filled with a high quality sealant that prevents insect damage and erosion from water.  The sealant also helps blend the cracks into the deck so that they are not as noticeable.  Depending on weather and job site conditions, the pool deck paint may be either sprayed or rolled onto the surface.  Multiple coats are applied to ensure durability and even coverage.  The normal length of time to complete this process on an average residential pool deck is one day.  Our schedule tends to fill up quickly as the weather warms, so call me today at 407-342-8552 to schedule your pool deck project.


Cracks in concrete

Cracks are unfortunately a common but preventable occurrence in most concrete surfaces.  The vast majority of cracks are due to the lack of planning for expansion joints when the concrete is initially installed.  A qualified concrete contractor should have a plan in place before any concrete is poured to control any possible cracking issues with expansion joints.  There are plastic joints that are commonly used on pool deck surfaces, but a simple saw cut is just as effective and isn’t sensitive to UV rays over time.  To be effective, the saw cuts must be made systematically in weak areas where the concrete is most likely to experience a stress crack.  The number of joints necessary depends on a number of factors including the thickness of the slab, specific mix of concrete used, the type of reinforcement used, and the layout of the slab.  For a saw cut to be effective, it needs to be at least 1/3 through the thickness of the slab.

Based on my experience in Orlando, it is rare to come across a pool deck that was poured with a sufficient number of expansion joints.  The plastic joints are most common and usually their placement isn’t ideal for preventing cracks from forming.  The common result is a pool deck with lots of unsightly cracks.  For the most part these cracks are harmless and are merely a cosmetic issue.  There should only be concern if the slabs are shifting (one slab  is lower than the other).  How we treat the cracks depends on what we are planning to do to the surface.  For a simple repaint on an acrylic pool deck, the best course of action is to seal the cracks before painting the surface.  This makes the crack less noticeable, prevents erosion, and keeps insects out while allowing the concrete to naturally expand and contract with temperature fluctuations.  When we are applying an overlay, the best course of action is to open the crack up and inject a high strength epoxy that works to prevent the crack from appearing in the new surface.  Unfortunately, in some situations the natural forces of expansion and contraction are too much and the structural epoxy cannot hold.

It is a common misconception that most concrete cracks due to settling.  Regardless of how long the concrete has had to settle, there will be movement along a crack due to the natural expansion and contraction of the concrete that occurs with temperature change.  It’s also a common misconception that cracks form because wire mesh or rebar wasn’t used.  In many situations, the reinforcement actually causes the initial cracking.  This happens because of the concrete trying to contract as it cures while being constrained.

Contact the Decorative Concrete Experts in Orlando today for concrete forming/finishing and advice on how to handle cracks in your concrete surface at 407-342-8552.  Click here for our page on Orlando concrete repair and replacement.

Pool Deck/Patio remodel project with new texture in Hernando, FL

I was contacted by a customer in Hernando, FL that purchased a foreclosed home and he was in the process of fixing the home’s problems.  The pool deck was in poor condition and the back patio once had outdoor carpet.  After it was removed it left behind an unsightly adhesive coating.  During the consultation with the homeowner, the decision was made to remove the adhesive on the patio and apply an acrylic texture on the pool deck and patio areas.

Removing adhesive left behind from outdoor carpet and prepping surface for new decorative concrete.

It is essential to properly prepare the surface when you overlay with a decorative concrete material.  Removal of the existing coating was critical to the longevity of the finished surface.  Simply covering the previous coating can lead to delamination issues in the future.  After all of the coating was removed, we applied a base coat with bonding additives to ensure the acrylic texture was on a level surface and was properly adhered to the existing concrete.

We take the time to protect your pool tile and screen enclosure while installing the new deck

This customer went from having an unsightly patio and an aged pool deck to a brand new decorative concrete surface that will provide years of use with outstanding durability.  Contact us today by calling me at 407-342-8552.  We proudly serve Orlando and the surrounding areas.

Decorative texture used in a pool deck/patio remodel Hernando, FL



We are proud to support the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure, Orlando

The Decorative Concrete Experts of Orlando are proudly sponsoring two riders on the Pedal Power Princesses & Princes team.  The Tour de Cure in Orlando is taking place on March 18, 2012 at University of Central Florida College of Medicine 6850 Lake Nona Blvd Orlando, FL  32827.  The donation has been made in memory of my late father James S. Gillman.


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