"Thank you to Jimmy & the Decorative Concrete Expert team. We were looking for a solution for our patio that was both classy and functional. I can't thank you enough!" -Teresa N.
“Thank you to Jimmy & the Decorative Concrete Expert team. We were looking for a solution for our patio that was both classy and functional. I can’t thank you enough!” -Teresa N.
"Thank you ever so much for doing such a beautiful, professional job. Our patio acrylic floor covering and slab is exactly what we were hoping it would be! We are thrilled!" -Lois & Den
“Thank you ever so much for doing such a beautiful, professional job. Our patio acrylic floor covering and slab is exactly what we were hoping it would be! We are thrilled!” -Lois & Den

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There is still time this year to get your pool deck resurfaced Orlando!

We are fortunate here in Central Florida, that our swimming pool season lasts well into the “fall” months.  If you spent your summer looking at your old and worn out old pool deck, there is still time this year to get on our schedule!  Take a look at the before and after photos below if you need more convincing to get your pool deck resurfaced.  For this specific project, the owner had areas of mismatched concrete and old failing texture.  We recommended our spray texture overlay to help match the different concrete surfaces, as well as provide a great non-skid, mold, and mildew resistant surface.  You can see from the photos below that this cost-effective decorative overlay surface helped make her old concrete pool deck look almost new!


If you are ready to do the same on your pool deck, patio, or any other outdoor concrete surface, give the Decorative Concrete Experts a call today at 407-342-8552.  Or fill out our web inquiry form http://decorativeconcreteexperts.net/contact-us/!

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Unsightly cracks got you down?

Then maybe it is time to resurface or remodel! Cracks in your concrete pool decks and patios are inevitable unfortunately here in Central Florida. Here at Decorative Concrete Experts, we know how much this can bother you as the homeowner, when all you see instead of a beautiful pool deck, are the cracks in the concrete. These cracks, will always be there and will remain visible, regardless of what methods of repair are applied. However, we have a method we use that helps to conceal those cracks much better than just painting over them. We call it our “random stone pattern”. With this method, we use the lines of the cracks in your deck to create a pattern and use the cracks as the grout lines. The cracks will still be there but they will be far less noticeable than before. In order to do this method, we must remove the old surface of your pool deck, patio, driveway or lanai. Then, we resurface the area with our spray texture overlay and last cut in the areas to create the random stone pattern.

Check out these photos below of our spray texture overlay with random stone pattern!

If you are interested in remodeling or resurfacing your pool deck, patio, or lanai or want more information on our Spray Texture Services call one of our experts in Orlando at 407-342-8552.


The dark side of pool deck remodeling.

Back in January 2010 I was contacted by a customer about doing a full remodel on a pool deck.  It was a large job, almost 1300 square feet.  I priced out replacing the whole surface with our spray texture product and as with all of our projects gave a written warranty with the proposal that would cover any defective materials or workmanship (bond failure).   After leaving a couple of voicemails to follow up with no response I filed the proposal away.

Last week I received a phone call about pool deck work in that area and when I showed up to look at the job I recognized both the house and the pool deck.  The homeowner didn’t remember me at all and started showing me problems throughout the deck area.  Most of these problems were related to bond failure where the new surface was literally just flaking off.  There were two other areas that held a lot of water causing slipping issues that should have been addressed.  She let me know that a complete remodel was done in February of 2010 and that she had another contractor repaint the surface about a year ago to try to “save” the surface.  I wrote up a quote for removing and replacing the entire surface so that she wouldn’t have to be bothered with anymore deck work for another 10 years.  The quote that I gave her last week was $5700.00.  When I got back to the office I couldn’t wait to start looking for the original proposal that I gave on that job.  The original proposal was for $4200.00.  My pricing hasn’t gone up in the last two years, the difference is simply the cost of removing all of the work that was poorly done so we can start fresh with a solid surface.

This is a sad situation.  She probably “saved” $1000.00 on the original job by going with a small timer with no licensing, warranty, or plans to be around long term.  Then a year later spent that $1000.00 to try to cover up a job poorly done.  Now before year three rolls around I quote her almost $6k to clean up everybody’s mess and to finally do the job right so that the pool deck isn’t a constant eyesore.  A couple bad hiring decisions turned a $4200.00 problem into a $10,000.00 problem and a lot of headaches along the way.  I’m not sure if I’ll get the job this time around because there’s always that cheaper guy out there, and some people just never learn.  If you want your job done right and want a company that will stand behind their work, give us a call at 407-342-8552.  Click here to go to our pool deck gallery



Pool Deck patch and repaint in Orlando’s Metrowest

On an almost daily basis I take calls from customers that are looking to hide cracks, patch problem areas and freshen up their pool decks.  This pool deck in Orlando needed some patching done on the patio area.  The customers were also looking to update the deck with a softer white that would give the deck a “warmer” feel.  Below is the pool deck shortly after beginning work.

I commonly find where the deck texture is flaking away due to poor preparation when the product was originally applied.  This particular pool deck had about a one square foot area on the patio where the texture was flaking up.  During the initial visit I found almost ten square feet of hollow spots by dragging a hammer along the surface and listening for sound variations.  In the area that was flaking, it was clear that the original installer went directly over an existing carpet glue that is commonly seen on patios after removing outdoor carpet.  The best course of action in this scenario is to scarify the entire affected area and re-texture it, but the homeowner chose to just target the problem areas and handle the project on a budget.  We started by removing the areas where texture was hollow as you can see below.

As I mentioned above, there is no guarantee that the surrounding areas that are adhered now will still be adhered three to five years from now.  The customers were made aware of this and chose to just address the current problem areas.  These jobs are where it pays to have an experienced deck crew handle the job.  We were able to match the texture to where our patch blends seamlessly into the deck area.

This project is an excellent example of a job with some serious issues that can be made to look like new in one working day.

Contact us today at 407-342-8552 to see how we can bring new life to your older deck!  Click here to see our A rated listing with the Better Business Bureau or ask for some references.

Hire the right company to paint your pool deck

So you’ve decided that it’s time to have your deck repainted, where do you start?  A good place to start is to develop a list of questions to ask when you’re interviewing a prospective contractor.

Some questions that a knowledgeable contractor will ask are:

1.  What is the age of the surface and when is the last time (if ever) that it has been painted?

This question is generally asked to establish whether the pool is an older kool deck surface that has never had a sealant applied or if it’s a newer acrylic texture.  This is important because a kool deck that has never been sealed will need a lot more product applied to seal the surface.  The newer texture will need to be examined to determine what type of coating it has been sealed with.  In addition it may be necessary to add a skid resistant admixture to ensure that the deck remains non-slip with the addition of layers of sealant that tend to fill the traction adding voids in the surface.

2.  Do you have an idea of the square footage that needs to be repainted?

Here at the Decorative Concrete Experts, we do a lot of pool deck repaints.  This question is used to get an idea of the scope of the job so that we can give an approximate cost figure over the phone.  This allows us to see if the job is within the customer’s budget over the phone.  This figure doesn’t need to be exact, it’s just to get a good idea.  The easiest way to figure square footage is to sketch out the area on a piece of paper and divide the areas into rectangles that you can multiply length x width.  You can subtract out obstacles such as the pool and planter beds.

3.  Are the cracks mostly smaller hairlines, or do you have some noticeable height difference where slabs have shifted?

When there is a height difference, it may be necessary to mill down the high side and texture it to match to remove a trip hazard on the surface.  This is especially important on commercial pools where liability is a larger issue.  We inject a sealant into the cracks that seals out water, prevents insects from entering, and keeps weeds from growing.  The sealant is carefully placed so that the crack blends into the deck and is actually less noticeable than before.  Beware of “contractors” that apply a crack filler with a putty knife that actually makes the crack stand out and look more obvious.

4.  Is the surface in sound condition or are there areas that have flaking paint and/or texture?

Occasionally we come across decks that have had the wrong sealant applied at some point.  Generally when this occurs, it’s necessary to see the job in person to determine the most cost effective way to remedy the problem.  Also, many customers call us because the textured surface is delaminating.  This problem can be limited to small areas that we can patch and blend into the rest of the deck.  Sometimes it is an extensive issue that can only be fixed by removing and replacing the entire surface.

When it is time to have your pool deck repainted, trust the Decorative Concrete Experts to do the job right the first time for a fair price.  Call us today at 407-342-8552.  Visit our Orlando pool deck paint page here.



Making your Pool Deck stand out with design

As a decorative concrete contractor, I have the opportunity to look at a vast number of pool decks both in plans and in person for remodeling consultations.  It is a rare occasion for me to see a pool deck that grabs my attention and makes me want to take a picture so that I can borrow an idea or design.  For the most part, pool decks in Orlando, Gainesville, and Ocala are extremely similar in layout and deck surfacing.  I would say that most of the pool decks are rectangular in shape and have either a plain acrylic texture coating or pavers installed.  There are some features that builders add to make the design visually appealing.  Some of these features are landscape beds integrated into the deck and free form pools that take a custom shape.  There are a lot of options that can give you a one of a kind pool deck and a back yard oasis that will make people notice.

The first step is finding a concrete contractor and/or pool builder that welcomes custom work.  Many pool builders are caught in the trap of selling the same set of plans over and over.  If you are building a high end home and are having the pool done a the same time, it can be extremely beneficial to involve your architect in your pool planning.  Having a one of a kind pool deck doesn’t have to be extremely expensive.  Find a pool contractor that is open to working with a decorative concrete contractor that specializes in more than just basic textures.

At the Decorative Concrete Experts we offer a range of products including acrylic textures, stamped concrete, and a hand troweled StoneCrete surface.  The acrylic texture is the most popular type of pool deck surface currently used in central Florida.  Many people still call these acrylic textures Kool Deck.  Today there are many patterns available to give the deck a unique look.  You can visit our decorative acrylic texture page to view some examples of my work.

Stamped concrete is almost non-existent in the Orlando residential pool deck market.  This surface has become hugely popular in California, Texas, and Las Vegas, yet it is rarely used on residential properties in central Florida.  Simply installing a stamped concrete surface that coordinates with your home will give you the most unique pool deck in your neighborhood.  Stamped concrete is a hard product to install and many builders stay away from it because they’ve had a bad experience with someone that didn’t know what they were doing.  Click here to see some pictures of our stamped concrete installations.  We have the experience and take the time necessary to ensure that you have the best looking stamped concrete available on your pool deck.

Our hand troweled StoneCrete overlay is another surface that isn’t commonly seen on new pool deck construction.  This product has the look of natural stone at an affordable price point between acrylic texture and stamped concrete.  In addition, this is a great product for remodel work on your older surface.  StoneCrete is much easier to work around obstacles than stamped concrete overlays.

If you’re not sure what you are looking for and would like some professional help, contact the Decorative Concrete Experts of Orlando at 407-342-8552.  By simply printing out a few pictures that you come across and collecting some color samples that you like, we can work with you to conceive a design that will be truly one of a kind.

Now is the time to paint that ugly pool deck

The off season is the best time to get your pool deck into shape.  I offer an affordable package to update your pool area that covers most of the common problems that we see with older surfaces.

Your deck will be a great candidate for an inexpensive update as long as there are no hollow spots or multiple areas where the surface is flaking up.  Identifying hollow spots can be easily done with a hammer by simply dragging the smooth face along the deck and listening for sound variations.  If hollow areas are present, they will always get worse over time and I don’t recommend spending the money to clean and repaint a surface with these issues.  You can contact me to discuss courses of action if your experiencing hollow spots and/or flaking.  Click here for our spray texture page regarding pool deck resurfacing.

Pool deck repaints are very routine for us and customers can almost always be given an accurate estimate over the phone.  For this type of work we generally only do in person price quotations for very large residential pools and commercial projects.  To get the most accurate estimate you will need to provide the size of the area in square feet, details about the condition of the surface, and job site conditions such as steps, screen enclosures, and prevalence of cracks in the deck.  With this information I can give a very accurate estimate on the cost of the job.  Click here for more information on painting your pool deck.  The Orlando Sentinel also has an informative article on painting your pool deck.

If you decide that the estimate for the proposed work sounds fair, I will schedule a date for the job to get completed.  On that date I will personally meet with you to walk over the deck and take note of any imperfections and issues that need to be addressed.  I will also confirm measurements on the deck and write up a detailed contract before any work takes place.  The crew starts by thoroughly cleaning the surface with a commercial duty pressure washer to ensure that any contaminants that may affect how the new coating adheres are removed.  Next, any areas that are chipped or damaged can be repaired and blended into the deck.  Cracks are filled with a high quality sealant that prevents insect damage and erosion from water.  The sealant also helps blend the cracks into the deck so that they are not as noticeable.  Depending on weather and job site conditions, the pool deck paint may be either sprayed or rolled onto the surface.  Multiple coats are applied to ensure durability and even coverage.  The normal length of time to complete this process on an average residential pool deck is one day.  Our schedule tends to fill up quickly as the weather warms, so call me today at 407-342-8552 to schedule your pool deck project.


Pool Deck/Patio remodel project with new texture in Hernando, FL

I was contacted by a customer in Hernando, FL that purchased a foreclosed home and he was in the process of fixing the home’s problems.  The pool deck was in poor condition and the back patio once had outdoor carpet.  After it was removed it left behind an unsightly adhesive coating.  During the consultation with the homeowner, the decision was made to remove the adhesive on the patio and apply an acrylic texture on the pool deck and patio areas.

Removing adhesive left behind from outdoor carpet and prepping surface for new decorative concrete.

It is essential to properly prepare the surface when you overlay with a decorative concrete material.  Removal of the existing coating was critical to the longevity of the finished surface.  Simply covering the previous coating can lead to delamination issues in the future.  After all of the coating was removed, we applied a base coat with bonding additives to ensure the acrylic texture was on a level surface and was properly adhered to the existing concrete.

We take the time to protect your pool tile and screen enclosure while installing the new deck

This customer went from having an unsightly patio and an aged pool deck to a brand new decorative concrete surface that will provide years of use with outstanding durability.  Contact us today by calling me at 407-342-8552.  We proudly serve Orlando and the surrounding areas.

Decorative texture used in a pool deck/patio remodel Hernando, FL