The off season is the best time to get your pool deck into shape.  I offer an affordable package to update your pool area that covers most of the common problems that we see with older surfaces.

Your deck will be a great candidate for an inexpensive update as long as there are no hollow spots or multiple areas where the surface is flaking up.  Identifying hollow spots can be easily done with a hammer by simply dragging the smooth face along the deck and listening for sound variations.  If hollow areas are present, they will always get worse over time and I don’t recommend spending the money to clean and repaint a surface with these issues.  You can contact me to discuss courses of action if your experiencing hollow spots and/or flaking.  Click here for our spray texture page regarding pool deck resurfacing.

Pool deck repaints are very routine for us and customers can almost always be given an accurate estimate over the phone.  For this type of work we generally only do in person price quotations for very large residential pools and commercial projects.  To get the most accurate estimate you will need to provide the size of the area in square feet, details about the condition of the surface, and job site conditions such as steps, screen enclosures, and prevalence of cracks in the deck.  With this information I can give a very accurate estimate on the cost of the job.  Click here for more information on painting your pool deck.  The Orlando Sentinel also has an informative article on painting your pool deck.

If you decide that the estimate for the proposed work sounds fair, I will schedule a date for the job to get completed.  On that date I will personally meet with you to walk over the deck and take note of any imperfections and issues that need to be addressed.  I will also confirm measurements on the deck and write up a detailed contract before any work takes place.  The crew starts by thoroughly cleaning the surface with a commercial duty pressure washer to ensure that any contaminants that may affect how the new coating adheres are removed.  Next, any areas that are chipped or damaged can be repaired and blended into the deck.  Cracks are filled with a high quality sealant that prevents insect damage and erosion from water.  The sealant also helps blend the cracks into the deck so that they are not as noticeable.  Depending on weather and job site conditions, the pool deck paint may be either sprayed or rolled onto the surface.  Multiple coats are applied to ensure durability and even coverage.  The normal length of time to complete this process on an average residential pool deck is one day.  Our schedule tends to fill up quickly as the weather warms, so call me today at 407-342-8552 to schedule your pool deck project.