"Thank you to Jimmy & the Decorative Concrete Expert team. We were looking for a solution for our patio that was both classy and functional. I can't thank you enough!" -Teresa N.
“Thank you to Jimmy & the Decorative Concrete Expert team. We were looking for a solution for our patio that was both classy and functional. I can’t thank you enough!” -Teresa N.
"Thank you ever so much for doing such a beautiful, professional job. Our patio acrylic floor covering and slab is exactly what we were hoping it would be! We are thrilled!" -Lois & Den
“Thank you ever so much for doing such a beautiful, professional job. Our patio acrylic floor covering and slab is exactly what we were hoping it would be! We are thrilled!” -Lois & Den

There is still time this year to get your pool deck resurfaced Orlando!

We are fortunate here in Central Florida, that our swimming pool season lasts well into the “fall” months.  If you spent your summer looking at your old and worn out old pool deck, there is still time this year to get on our schedule!  Take a look at the before and after photos below if you need more convincing to get your pool deck resurfaced.  For this specific project, the owner had areas of mismatched concrete and old failing texture.  We recommended our spray texture overlay to help match the different concrete surfaces, as well as provide a great non-skid, mold, and mildew resistant surface.  You can see from the photos below that this cost-effective decorative overlay surface helped make her old concrete pool deck look almost new!


If you are ready to do the same on your pool deck, patio, or any other outdoor concrete surface, give the Decorative Concrete Experts a call today at 407-342-8552.  Or fill out our web inquiry form http://decorativeconcreteexperts.net/contact-us/!

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The benefits of stamped concrete for new construction.

If you are looking to add a new patio, walk-way, or in the process of putting in a new swimming pool deck, we highly recommend checking out the options for stamped concrete.  Stamped concrete can only be done with new construction and is not available as an overlay (existing pool decks, patios, or walkways).  One of the many benefits of stamped concrete is that it can be formed and colored to achieve almost any look you could imagine.  This allows our customers to be a part of the design for their own patio, pool deck, or walk-way, making for a truly one of a kind creation.  Another benefit of stamped concrete is it cost-effective option over alternative materials such as pavers or natural stone.  Stamped concrete is easy to maintain and the final product is long-lasting.  

If you are interested in the different options of stamped concrete, please call us, the Decorative Concrete Experts at 407-342-8552!  We service the greater Orlando area and would happy to help you create your one of a kind new new patio, pool deck, walk-way, or driveway.

Check out some our recent stamped concrete projects in the Orlando area!  Also, view our stamped concrete photo gallery to see the different stamp patterns we have available! http://decorativeconcreteexperts.net/stamped-concrete-gallery/






StoneCrete; a different option for your concrete overlay.

Hands down our most popular overlay surface here in Orlando and Central Florida is the classic spray texture overlay.  The spray texture overlay is a classic and cost-effective option for resurfacing your pool deck, patio, driveway, or lanai.  However, we get many calls a day wondering what other options are available for overlays and our product, StoneCrete, is a great option!  StoneCrete is a hand troweled overlay surface that isn’t as commonly seen on new pool deck construction.  This product has the look of natural stone and is able to be customized with color to your preference.  In addition, this is a great product for remodel work on your older surface. While the cost is bit higher than the classic acrylic spray texture, the end result is a beautiful and unique concrete overlay surface.

We serve the greater Orlando area and would love to help with all of your pool deck resurfacing needs.  Call the Decorative Concrete Experts today at 407-342-8552.  The photos below show the different steps of how we apply our StoneCrete overlay to your pool deck or patio.  Check out more photos of StoneCrete on our website at this link http://decorativeconcreteexperts.net/stonecrete-gallery/



Unsightly cracks got you down?

Then maybe it is time to resurface or remodel! Cracks in your concrete pool decks and patios are inevitable unfortunately here in Central Florida. Here at Decorative Concrete Experts, we know how much this can bother you as the homeowner, when all you see instead of a beautiful pool deck, are the cracks in the concrete. These cracks, will always be there and will remain visible, regardless of what methods of repair are applied. However, we have a method we use that helps to conceal those cracks much better than just painting over them. We call it our “random stone pattern”. With this method, we use the lines of the cracks in your deck to create a pattern and use the cracks as the grout lines. The cracks will still be there but they will be far less noticeable than before. In order to do this method, we must remove the old surface of your pool deck, patio, driveway or lanai. Then, we resurface the area with our spray texture overlay and last cut in the areas to create the random stone pattern.

Check out these photos below of our spray texture overlay with random stone pattern!

If you are interested in remodeling or resurfacing your pool deck, patio, or lanai or want more information on our Spray Texture Services call one of our experts in Orlando at 407-342-8552.


Get your pool decks and patios ready for summertime Orlando!

Summertime is rapidly approaching here in Orlando and what better way to fully enjoy your pool deck, patio, or lanai than to freshen it up with a pressure wash and re-seal. Revitalize your concrete patio or pool deck with a fresh new coat of sealer. Our guys specialize in sealing many types of existing surfaces, from pavers to decorative concrete concrete. We will clean up the surface with a high powered pressure wash and then put down a fresh coat of paint or sealer on your pool deck or patio. This will ensure your deck will continue to look great for years to come! Check out the before and after re-sealed concrete pool deck photos below.

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